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Minit Mart History

In 1967, a father and son named Ralph and Fred Higgins founded the first Minit Mart store in Lexington, Kentucky. Minit Mart became one of the first convenience stores to add gas pumps in the 1970s, which became a large innovation among convenience stores across the United States. The convenience store chain expanded into Tennessee in the 1980s, and then later into 7 other states.

Since then, Minit Mart has grown to 225 stores. Many locations offer Godfather’s Pizza, O’Deli’s, and many other branded fast food chains. In 2015, Travel Centers of America purchased all Minit Mart locations. In late 2018, Travel Centers of America sold all Minit Mart locations to EG Group.



About EG America


EG America is one of the fastest growing convenience store retailers in the United States. In 2019 EG America established its new national headquarters in Westborough, MA. The company has now grown to 1,600+ stores with locations across the United States. Cumberland Farms, Turkey Hill, Kwik Shop, Loaf ‘N Jug, Tom Thumb, Quik Stop, Minit Mart, Fastrac, and Certified Oil are the convenience stores of EG America and we continue to grow our family of stores in the coming years.

EG America’s parent company is EG Group, located in Blackburn, England. EG Group is the world’s leading independent fuel station and convenience retailer, with a diversified portfolio of sites across eight countries in Europe and North America. By the end of 2018, the business will operate 5,000+ sites, employing more than 25,000 people, and generating pro-forma annualized revenues above $20 billion globally.

As part of its strategy to deliver profitable growth, EG Group partnered with premium brands across its product and service offerings. On the fuel side, EG Group partner with prominent fuel brands such as Esso, BP, Shell, and Texaco. In convenience retail, the business has cultivated relationships with well-known retail and grocery brands such as SPAR, Louis Delhaize, and Carrefour, while EG Group’s food to go partners include brands such as Starbucks, Subway, Burger King, KFC, Greggs, and Pomme de Pain.

EG Group has made a significant commitment to delivering a modernized consumer retail offer which exceeds expectations and creates a true ‘one-stop’ retail destination to satisfy multiple consumer missions. The business receives regular recognition for innovation and investment; Zuber Issa and Mohsin Issa, Founders and co-CEOs of EG Group, were jointly named the 2016 NACS Insight European Convenience Industry Leader of the Year.

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